Our Security

Explore our range of cutting-edge security solutions.

Security Guarding

We offer unarmed security guarding services with a 24-hour command centre featuring remote CCTV surveillance and customised security solutions tailored to your needs.

Services include:

Security Printing

We offer high-quality and secure document printing services with anti-counterfeit measures and expertise gained from decades of experience in Singapore's security printing industry.

Services & Products include:

Security Technology & Consultancy

We deliver exceptional service and support to our clients with prompt and reliable assistance ensuring that your data and assets remain protected.

Services include:


We offers comprehensive cybersecurity products and services with expert consultations, tailored to businesses of any size, providing remote 24/7 access to support, risk detection, and backup solutions.

Services include:

Training Academy

We offer comprehensive Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training courses for security services.  Using our innovative blended learning platform also empowers participants to embrace technology and creativity in the workplace. 

Services include: