About Us

Our one focus: You.

Secura Group Limited is one of the leading providers of an integrated suite of security products, services and solutions listed on the Catalist Board of the SGX-ST.

The Group has a well-diversified clientele comprising more than 800 customers in various industries, including multinational corporations, financial institutions and government agencies.

With a strong record in the industry, the Group is committed to delivering exceptional service and maintaining the trust of its customers.

Our Mission

Building a safer world with innovative security solutions and exceptional service

Our Vision

To be a leading security solutions provider in Singapore and beyond

Our Core Values



We take ownership and responsibility for our actions



We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships



We value and treat everyone with dignity and professionalism



Keep an open mind, stay curious and embrace continuous learning and innovation.

Board of Directors

Dr. Ho Tat Kin

Chairman, Non-Executive and Independent Director

Mr. Barry Kan Kheong Ng

Executive Director and CEO

Ms. Melissa Lim

Executive Director and CFO

Mr. Ong Pang Liang

Independent Director

Mr. Gary Ho Kuat Foong

Independent Director

Ms. Christina Teo Tze Wei

Independent Director

Mr. Joshua Goh Yi Shun

Independent Director

Mr. Wilson Sam

Non-Executive Non-Independent Director

Group Management

Barry Kan

Executive Director and CEO

Melissa Lim

Executive Director and CFO

Christina Woon

General Manager, Human Resource

Kelvin Goh

Managing Director, Security Guarding

James Koh

General Manager, Security Printing

Brian Seow

Head of Business Development, Security Technology & Consultancy

Paul Lee

General Manager, System Integration

Edmund How

Managing Director, Cybersecurity

Corporate Governance

We believe that strong corporate governance is essential for the long-term success and sustainability of our business. To this end, we have established a robust framework of controls that reflects our commitment to accountability, transparency, and protecting the interests of our shareholders.

Our Board of Directors takes ultimate responsibility for corporate governance, providing leadership and guidance on strategic direction, risk management, and achieving our business objectives. Through regular evaluation and review, we strive to continuously improve our corporate governance practices and ensure that we are operating in a manner that aligns with our values and the expectations of our stakeholders.

The full Corporate Governance Report can be found in the Annual Report.

Whistleblowing Reporting

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance, which includes maintaining a culture of transparency and accountability. To support this, we have established a whistleblowing framework that provides a safe and trusted avenue for employees, vendors, customers, and other stakeholders to report any serious wrongdoings or concerns they may have without fear of reprisals when whistleblowing in good faith.

Postal Reporting

Chairman of the Audit & Risk Committee
38 Alexandra Terrace Level 6
Singapore 119932

Email Reporting


Accreditations & Affiliations


We are constantly seeking motivated individuals to share our vision and be part of our team.

Current Openings

2 positions available.
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

  • Screening of people, property, or vehicle
Patrolling & Guarding
  • Patrol and clock routes
    • Prevent entry/exit of unauthorized people, property, or vehicle
    • Entry/exit points are clear and secured
    • Doors/windows/service lifts are secured
    • Perimeter fences/walls/locks for wear & tear or forced entry
    • Security system/equipment are working and not tampered with
    • Signs of smoke or fire
  • Guard premises/property
  • Preventing theft
  • Loss prevention
  • Escort of cash or valuables in transit
  • Note and report irregularities
  • Detain suspicious person or vehicle and await instructions
Access & Egress Control
  • Control entry & exit points
  • Conduct identity check and exchange passes
  • Authorize access to staff and visitors
  • Operate gates, door, or barriers
  • Traffic control within client premise
  • Maintain access control records
  • Escort visitors
Incident Response
  • Respond and report
    • Fire alarms & fire related incidents
    • Crimes or public order incidents
    • Suspicious event, persons, properties or vehicles
    • Medical emergencies
    • Bomb or terrorist threats
    • Lift breakdown, power failure, burst water pipe/leaking or ruptured sprinklers
  • Request for assistance within guarded premise by person suffering from injury, loss or damage of property
  • Assist in evacuation
Acting as a Bodyguard or Bouncer
  • Bodyguard/Bouncer
    • Screen individuals seeking entry
    • Controlling or monitoring the behaviour of individuals
    • Removing individuals for behavioural reasons
  • Any other ad-hoc duties as and when assigned.
  • Possess a valid PLRD license
  • Day/night shift
  • Location of work: Tuas Area and Jurong Island

Operate Security & Safety Systems

  • Central Alarm Monitoring System (CAMS)
    • Fire control system
    • Lift control system
    • Electronic carpark system

Regulating Traffic (Road Traffic Act)

  • Regulate traffic under Section 142B of Road Traffic Act

Security Command Centre, Fire Command Centre (FCC) Monitoring

  • The primary responsibility of providing surveillance through CCTV/CAMS/FCC monitoring
  • Maintain CCTV storage libraries
  • Preserve evidence

Assist Ministries, Statutory Boards or Government Departments in Law Enforcement Duties

Key Press Management

  • Exercise control over keys to areas defined as critical or sensitive by the client
  • Possess a valid PLRD license
  • Must be PAPP certified
  • Day/night shift
  • Location of work: Various sites are available

If you are keen please send your detailed resume to: