Investor Relations Policy

Secura Group Limited (“Secura” or the “Company”) is committed to engaging its  shareholders through regular, effective and fair communication, in compliance with the  listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”),  Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2018 and current best practices.  

This Investor Relations (“IR”) Policy describes the principles and practices for the  Company to provide current and prospective investors with information necessary to  make well informed investment decisions. 

1. General Principles 

1.1 In the course of its IR activities, the Company will comply with all applicable  securities laws and regulations.  

1.2 All disclosures are submitted to SGX-ST through SGXNET, and are made  available on the Company’s corporate website.  

1.3 Secura makes timely disclosures of new material information to all  shareholders on SGXNET in compliance with the requirements of the Listing  Manual. Where there is inadvertent disclosure made to a select group, the  Company will make the same disclosure publicly to all others as promptly as  possible via SGXNET.  

1.4 This Policy is subject to regular review by the Company’s management. 

2. Communication Principles  

2.1 The Company is committed to treating all shareholders fairly and equitably,  and endeavours to uphold a practice of fair, transparent and timely disclosure  of both positive and negative information.  

2.2 The Company communicates only through designated spokespersons who  will also establish and maintain regular dialogue with shareholders to seek  and understand their views. 

2.3 The Company will give reasonable access to analysts and the media to help  them formulate informed opinions of the Company.  

2.4 The Company observes a “blackout period” of one month prior to the  announcement of its half-yearly and full-year results. During this period, the  Company does not comment on industry outlook, the Group’s business  performance and financial results.  

2.5 The Company does not respond to rumours or market speculation. However,  if rumours indicate that material information may have been leaked or where  there are unusual market or trading activities that could be attributable to  such rumours or market speculation, clarifications will be made promptly  through announcements via SGXNET. 

3. Communication Channels  

The Company employs various platforms to effectively engage shareholders and  the investment community, with an emphasis on timely, accurate, fair and  transparent disclosure of information. 

4. Shareholders’ Meetings  

4.1 The Company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) serves as an important  platform for shareholders to communicate directly with the Board.  

4.2 All shareholders will be sent a copy of the notice of AGM/EGM, which lists  all items of business to be transacted at the general meeting, within the  required notice period prior to the AGM/EGM.  

4.3 The notices of AGM/EGM will also be announced via SGXNET and  published in the local newspaper.  

4.4 Members of the Board, the Company’s key management personnel and the  external auditors of the Company will endeavour to be in attendance at  general meetings to address shareholders’ queries.  

4.5 All shareholders are entitled to attend and vote at general meetings in person  or by proxy. Shareholders can appoint up to two proxies to attend, speak and  vote at general meetings in their absence. Shareholders who are relevant  intermediaries may appoint more than two proxies.  

4.6 An announcement of the voting results will be made in a timely manner via  SGXNET after the conclusion of each meeting. 

4.7 The minutes of these meetings will be made available on the Company’s  website and will be published on SGXnet within a reasonable time after the  conclusion of the relevant meeting.  

Investor Meetings, Conferences and Roadshows 

4.8 In addition to shareholder meetings, senior management of the Company will  actively engage investors, analysts and the media at appropriate times  throughout the year, as well as participate in investor conference calls,  roadshows and conferences. 

Corporate Website  

4.9 Financial results announcements, annual reports, sustainability reports,  SGXNET announcements, presentation materials and other relevant  corporate information will be made available under the “Investor Relations”  section of the Company’s corporate website at

Company Contacts  

4.10 Shareholders and the investment community may contact the IR team via  email at  

4.11 Shareholders may also contact the Company’s Share Registrar at the  following address:


Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte Ltd 

1 Harbourfront Avenue, #14-07 Keppel Bay Tower 


Tel: +65 6536 5355


Shareholder Privacy  

4.12 The Company recognises the importance of its Shareholders’ privacy and  will not disclose Shareholders’ information without their consent unless  required by law. Please refer to our PDPA’s policy at